About Absinthe Minded


Giging all over South Louisiana

Absinthe Minded is based in Houma Louisiana and plays clubs, parties, and events all over the state.


 When people come in to hear Frank Ball they are amazed to find only one live musician. The audience hears the sound of a ​five or six piece jazz band and looks around the room for all of the other players. With Frank Ball on guitar and vocals added to this mix the effect is awesome! With the use of cutting edge music technology, Frank employs backing tracks with specific arrangements built around the live guitar and vocals. (Musicians record this way all the time, and now we can do it live on stage.) The net effect is a full and carefully arranged sound that can be played as quietly or as loudly as needed. One knob controls the whole band's volume! Perfect for parties! Frank Ball is comfortable in a small intimate setting like The Valencia Wine Company or a large outdoor venue such as a Concert in the Park.

Frank Ball was steeped in blues and jazz during his formative years in the Cajun Country of South Louisiana. Frank was playing R&B professionally in nightclubs by the age of 14 (things were pretty loose and free in those years). Friday night after the gig was a time to stop and jam with blues famed Roosevelt Sykes.... for a late nite jam at Troxie's Floating Palace (a WWII mine sweep that was converted into a bar on the Intra Coastal Canal). Working in New Orleans was very exciting and educational. Working in New Orleans, he played in a house band called The Jackson Brewing Company with three of the players from the renowned Edgar Winter's White Trash. Also known to sit in were players from the likes of Blood Sweat and Tears, Lou Rawls, and Ronnie Baron (to name a few.) Frank eventually moved to California and played clubs from one end of the state to the other with various dance bands and original projects. Finally, he decided to move back to Louisiana and start up his own project called Frank Ball's Sazerac. Recently Frank played music for 4 years with legendary saxophonist Jon Smith from Edgar Winter's White Trash, Boz Scaggs, Toto, and many more.

Frank writes and records originals and movie soundtracks in his home studio. 


You are the movie...let me be the soundtrack.

Music can capture the imagination. 


I have excellent equipment for the job.

A Bose sound system is what I use for 90% of the jobs I play, but I have over 1000 watts of additional power if needed. I have an array of high quality guitars for jazz, rock, funk, and R&B. I also play some mandolin and dobro primarily in the studio. Lights enhance the mood I can create. I am available for live performance or custom ambient soundtracks.